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Taking shortcuts can end your life. No where is this statement more true than in situations where lockout/tagout procedures are required. Lockout procedures have been developed by your company to control the release of hazardous energy. When these procedures are not followed properly and completely, this energy can injure and kill.

Read this Scenario...

Mike Rorceni, forklift operator, was dumping cardboard into the compactor and noticed that the machine wasn’t operating. Although he was not qualified to service or adjust the compactor, he jumped into it to make repairs. He had mistakenly turned on the automatic activation switch. The ram activated it crushed Mike to death.

Lesson: You must be trained and authorized to service company equipment. Only do work for which you are qualified. If lockout procedures are required in any given situation and you are not qualified to do them, have an authorized person perform them.

If you are qualified to perform lockout procedures, you must know and understand these four things:

Other Lockout Tips:

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